Study Tour to Chester UK on Dairy Improvement for Vets, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Dairy Producers

The six day UK Study Tour (ST) at the end of April 2018 was supported by Cogent, UK a leading major international supplier of bovine semen. The ST took place in the context of giving advice and guidance on the selection of high genetic value Holstein bulls, to be used on dairy herds in Turkmenistan via Artificial Insemination (A.I.) using sexed semen to produce high potential heifer calves to expand and improve the Turkmen dairy herd’s all round performance. Simultaneously, to look in detail at all aspects of successful dairy herd management; feeding and feed composition, animal health and welfare, disease control, calf, young-stock and heifer replacement rearing. Lastly, the impact of using sexed semen to produce beef-cross bull calves as potential extra income from the dairy herd.

The Study Tour Party was made up veterinarians , Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs officials and farm owners supported by Key Experts 2, 3 and 4 from the Project. In summary during the ST program the following aspects were covered; a top international bull stud was visited, the production of sexed semen shown, how it could be used in dairy herd replacement and expansion and for beef x dairy cross calves for beef production from the dairy herd. International scoring systems for A.I. bulls, high yielding herd management, herd breeding, performance improvement, understanding A.I. catalogues, feeding high yielding dairy cows, herd health and welfare and environmental considerations all contributing to achieving high quality and safe milk production.

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