Public Finance

Further Enhancement of Public Funds Management Reform III – Turkmenistan

This EU funded project in Turkmenistan has commenced in March 2015 with the indicative duration of 3.5 years. Main objectives of this PFM project are aimed at:
1) assisting the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in implementation of the Medium Term Budget Framework,
2) supporting the implementation of a Results Oriented Budgeting (ROB) in pilot Ministries and the whole Central Government,
3) promoting implementation of a core Treasury System;
4) developing the macro-economic forecasting capacity of the Ministry;
5) and strengthening the MOF’s institutional and technical capacity in implementation of the Public finance management information system (GFMIS). In addition the Project assists the MOF in developing a sound regulatory framework, implement its Budget code and refine the PFM reform agenda.

Key target groups and beneficiaries from implementation of this Technical Assistance (TA) includes:
– Ministry of Finance and Treasury;
– Ministry of Economic Development (MOED);
– Other Ministries and Agencies and budget units in the area of public sector accounting, financial and Treasury management;
– Institute of Strategic Planning and Development;
– Central Bank;
– Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan;
– Local/regional public administration authorities;
– Stabilization Fund of Turkmenistan.