Workshop on “Training needs analyses methodology and training cycle”

On 12 October 2018, the EU funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” conducted a workshop on “Training needs analyses methodology and training cycle”, in one of the scenic places of Ashgabat, cultural center “Gala”.
The workshop was organized as a continuation of the series of the activities aimed for identification of the training needs among the civil servants of Turkmenistan. Representatives of human resources and training departments of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan, Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Turkmenistan, the Institute of State, Law and Democracy and the Institute of Strategic Planning and Development discussed the findings and outcomes of the survey on the training needs, conducted by the project in September 2017.
At the beginning of the workshop Mr. Folkert Milch, Team Leader of the EU funded project, welcomed the participants and briefly highlighted the importance of training needs analyses. He informed that the surveys have been carried out by the senior and junior experts within the framework of the Component 1 “Institutional development: Enhance institutional and coordination capacities of the Academy of Civil Service” of the project. Mr. Milch also mentioned that the surveys were conducted among the listeners and the lecturers of the Academy of Civil Service and employees of the above mentioned institutions participated at this workshop. As a result, a methodology on training needs analyses was developed. The outcomes of the surveys were discussed at the international conference in March 2018.
The workshop was followed by presentation of Mr. Harry List, senior expert of the project. The presentation of the expert was divided into four sessions.
During the first session, participants of the workshop were introduced with the international experience in the implementation of the Training Cycle Management Procedures in the Governmental Institutions. In addition, the international concepts and examples of the application of the different steps of the training cycle were discussed.
The second session covered the aspects of identification of training needs as a first step of training cycle. Such issues as role of management in the administration where it concerns learning and development, the elements of the training needs analyses methodology for the current and future practice in the administration were raised and discussed.
In the third session, participants discussed the issues, related to the development of training modules and programs, based on the identified training needs. They shared ideas about different ways of learning and training in their administration and discussed the opportunities for further development of training programs.
In the last session of the workshop, Mr. Harry List presented next steps in the implementation of the Training Cycle Management Procedures in the Governmental Institutions, providing best EU and international practices.
Each session of the workshop was followed by group works, during which participants worked collaboratively on the given tasks and practical exercises.
The workshop was well appreciated by the participants for the excellent organization and the informative and useful content.
At the end, all the participants received the Certificates of participation.

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