Workshop on professional and higher education in the field of agriculture

Ashgabat 2018: On 26th and 27th June 2018, Senior Non-Key expert Daniel Klee of the EU funded project “Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan” conducted a workshop for 60 participants from the Turkmen State Agricultural University.
The presentations covered an overview of different approaches taken to Higher and Vocational Education and Training with illustrations and examples from Denmark, Germany, India, Switzerland, the USA and the UAE. Topics ranged from curriculum development to outlining pedagogical and training centre concepts.
After the workshops participants asked questions regarding the practical aspects, such as internships, financing of Technical Vocational Education and Training, and agriculture in Germany. The ensuing discussion also covered the further utilization of oil and gas for moving up the value creation ladder when producing fertilizers or dyes.
The workshops are a follow-up of a recent study tour to Belgium and Germany including a visit to the Polish Agricultural University of Zielona Gora and the EU-funded “Lubuski Centre for Innovation and Agricultural Implementation of State School of Higher Vocational Education” in Sulechów, Poland.
The results of the workshop will feed into a planned increase of the project’s activities for the remaining two years of implementation. These are a wide range of further education and consultancy activities which were requested and granted permission by the Turkmen authorities to support ongoing modernisation efforts.

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