Margiana. A Bronze Age Kingdom in Turkmenistan

For the first time outside of Turkmenistan: a major exhibition!

After six years of preparation, a major exhibition opened in Berlin on 24 April 2018. With five million expected visitors, it will promote the country’s cultural and historic achievements and shape the perception of Turkmenistan to the outside world.

Margiana – around 4,000 years ago, this historic landscape in eastern Turkmenistan was the cradle of a fascinating and sophisticated Bronze Age culture. Contemporary with the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, it has nevertheless remained relatively unknown in the West. Now for the first time outside Turkmenistan, a major exhibition at Berlins Neues Museum will make the archaeological remains of this mysterious culture accessible to a wide public. The distinguished German photographer, Herlinde Koelbl, was asked to photograph the archaeological sites, landscapes, people and exhibits. The result is a fascinating symbiosis of unfamiliar archaeological remains and photo art from a largely unknown country.

The project’s “Support to Education Sector in Turkmenistan” study tour will visit the exhibition on 10 May 2018.  We congratulate!

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